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Prince of Persia and Myst have something in common

Thought experiment:
If Prince of Persia: Time Warrior Within Throne of Sands was

  1. An isometric 2D game
  2. With only the platforming bits left in the game, and only the ones without timed traps
  3. With a spartan, utilitarian visual style (every swing bar looks the same)
  4. Where all the surfaces in a jumping sequence are visible from a nice fixed viewpoint

Would there be any challenge left in the gameplay?




Formless pseudopods reach out toward me from the gooey mass. The entire surface is covered with eyes; some gazing, some blinking, some milky with disease. A whispering chatter emanates from it. Many voices, but soft and sibilant; a riot in a library.

Movement! An eye stares directly at me. Others stare away, watching the other eyes. It watches me, and watches me being watched. All the time it vainly admires its own monstrous form.

The chatter intensifies.

Sticky trackbacks hang all over the mass, leaving a glistening trail of slime behind. It's in a constant state of decay. Eyeballs die and roll back in their sockets, they disappear from view; crushed by the mass of the newly bred pushing to the front.

I find myself ensnared. I am subtly altered; I find myself expressing second-hand opinions.

And if you're reading this, then the Blogosphere is coming for you too.